About This Stranger

O Hai. Welcome to a website where you can see me rant/attempt to be funny/sometimes serous. Most of the time I fail, but somehow people still like me. (That just proves that the internet is crazy)  Anyways if you REALLY want to know more about me then you can go read my first few posts, or just my blog in general. I generally try to post at least once a week, usually on Saturday or Sunday night, so if you want your weekend ruined by me, check back then I now post every Wednesday. Whoop Whoop.  I try to be open about my life so if you have a question for me then feel free to ask it (Except if it’s which window I sleep under, we both know that’s what you were thinking you creeper).

If you would like to contact me my email for this blog is silentsarcasm1001@ymail.com. Feel free to send me and questions or constructive complement (I do love complements), if you have any problems and think I could be of help then go for it and email me about that too (though I probably won’t be of much service).


  1. ok, gonna follow you for a bit, you seem interesting so far.
    we will see…yes, we will see…

    have fun blogging!

  2. Don’t “shin” me bro! Glad to see another mad rambler in a young whipper snapper like yourself. Keep up the lunacy.

  3. “Whipper snapper”, anyways i love your posts. Sarcasm if a very interesting concept especially since a majority of the people i hang with don’t get it. Anyways, you posts brighten up my day!
    Thanks. Keep it up

  4. Love the title of your blog and your tone in your writing. Keep it up!

  5. There’s a 100% chance I will sue you hard for any damage that I sustain to my shins. Luckily for you that won’t happen.

  6. Hi. I’m belligerent sarcasm.

  7. Hi,pleased to have you at this blog…..Followed you 😉

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